Metal Toys

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Metal sex toys: a very special experience

Dildos come in many colors, shapes and materials. Even in ancient times, this kind of love play was known and also at that time people were creative in the choice of materials. But of course you should pay attention to what material the sex toys are made of. Because there are significant differences and there are a variety of questionable substances. It is therefore important to pay close attention to the origin and ingredients when choosing a dildo or plug.
Toys made of metal represent a very special group of their own. The highly polished surface gives them a very noble appearance. The brilliant light reflections on the reflective surface of the round and smooth surfaces are simply seductive. There are almost no limits when it comes to the shape. Our steel dildos are all manufactured exclusively in Germany under the highest quality standards. This starts with the careful selection of the raw material and continues with the finishing and laser engraving - everything is 100% made in Germany. Here you know what you're getting!

What exactly are metal dildos made of?

We offer dildos made of high quality V4A stainless steel. This is a high-alloy steel that has excellent properties due to the addition of certain alloying elements. This makes our stainless steel dildos made of V4A steel particularly robust and durable. This steel is characterized above all by its high corrosion resistance. Even salt water or aggressive chlorine cleaners cannot harm our steel dildos. So you don't have to be afraid of rust. The massive and solid material ensures that steel dildos are easy to clean. There are actually no restrictions on the use of common cleaning agents. So the toys are easy to disinfect and very easy to handle. The high-quality and resistant material makes a stainless steel dildo a durable companion that will provide many pleasant hours.
Of course, quality has its price and since V4A stainless steel is a very high-quality material, the raw material prices are at a corresponding level. But only by the high quality of the material we can offer an excellent product, which is robust and noble. Due to the durability, our stainless steel dildos offer a first-class price-performance ratio.

Which stainless steel dildo should it be?

We have put together an exquisite selection of dildos that offers something for every taste. For curious beginners or for experienced users you will find something in our program. One special toy, for example, is a ball dildo made of metal. In addition to the luxurious design, it is a unique experience to intensively feel the highly shiny balls. This adventure is of course not only reserved for women but our products are of course also ideally suited as a men's dildo. Those who have already experienced it will enjoy the stimulation with a prostate dildo again and again.
Our range also includes special products, such as the very popular shower dildo. This one can be easily screwed onto the hose of the shower. Here, too, the high-quality stainless steel offers significant advantages.
Some models are optionally available with a thread. So you can easily attach it to a handle or strap-on. This provides additional game variations that set no limits to the imagination. The thread is a standard metric M8 thread, so you are very flexible in the choice of attachment.
For the entry into the world of metal toys, we have simple models like the newcomer. It offers a good introduction to the exciting world of metal dildos through its simple design.

Are stainless steel dildos cold?

When you hold a stainless steel dildo in your hand, you may initially have the impression that it is cold. However, this is a subjective perception. Stainless steel, like all other materials, takes on the ambient temperature of the place where it is stored. This means that the dildo is usually at room temperature. It feels cool because there are a few degrees difference from our body temperature. In addition, due to its weight and density, the metal takes a longer time to change to a different temperature.
But this effect can be used quite specifically with steel sex toys. You can bring it to the desired temperature in a water bath before using it. And this can be both warm and cold. For beginners, it is recommended to adjust the dildo or plug to body temperature in lukewarm water. On the other hand, if you like it particularly thrilling, you can cool the toy. This way you get an ice dildo with simple means. Due to the solid construction, the sex toys keep the temperature for a long time.
Overall, toys made of metal are therefore very versatile. The variations and the play with the temperature provide for many varied and exciting adventures.

So all in all, there are many good reasons to give a stainless steel dildo a try. Of course, the plugs made of this material also offer their very own charm, which you should definitely try out once. Once you dive into this fascinating world, you will not want to leave it again!