Handmade Latexclothing for men - MADE IN GERMANY

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Underline your sexy look with latex clothing

Rubber fetish is not only something for erotic films. In a wetlook look, you will also make a good figure and bring your advantages to the fore. We offer you beside a bed linen from latex also latex leggings and many other garments from this segment. We pay attention with our products to highest quality, so that we can correspond to all desires and requirements of our customers. From the area of rubber fetish and latex clothing, we make everything ourselves. Of course we also offer you a free made-to-measure production. You can find all our sexy outfits in different colours and material thicknesses. If you want to perfect your shiny appearance, you are in good hands with us in our shop. Beside various clothing items, we offer you many practical, useful and sexy accessories. Of course also made of a high quality latex.

Fetish clothing - a perfectly fitting decision

The latex clothing is not only suitable for fetishists. If you are looking for a very special product or if you have any questions about processing or fitting accuracy, please feel free to contact our staff at any time. We are at your disposal for all questions about our products by telephone or in writing.

Not only the ladies love to appear in sexy and seductive clothes. Men also pay attention to a stylish outfit. In the bedroom at home, not only women wear sexy lingerie. Discover our handmade latex clothing for men and experience the unique feeling of latex on your skin. Each garment is individually made for you and special requests are welcome. Whether latex clothing in XXL or extraordinary wishes - we try to make everything possible. In our shop you will find a sheer endless selection of fetish clothing. From a pajamas made of latex up to a tailor-made latex catsuits everything is represented.