Latex clothing for the patient of the Bizarrklinik

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Clothing for the rubber clinic

You enter the treatment room - the fascinating smell of rubber is in the air. You have waited a long time for the arranged visit in the consulting hours.  Now you can finally place yourself in the trustworthy hands of your bizarre doctor.
For an authentic stay at the Gummi Klinik you need the right outfit. Our assortment includes all latex clothes from the white sector. With the design we have given the highest priority to realistic appearance. The clothes for the examination by the rubber doctor will make you completely submerge into the clinic's eroticism.
For a successful treatment in the clinic session you can, for example, wear a latex patient shirt that is open at the back.  It guarantees that your bizarre doctor has unrestricted access and can start the examination immediately. Under a long patient shirt you can wear very stimulating latex surgical stockings. If you don't like it quite so revealing, you can go for treatment with a latex body and a shirt and matching shorts. Of course, a mouthguard and a surgical cap should not be missing either.
No matter what you decide: with the right clinic outfit nothing will stand in the way of a successful session at the Bizarrklinik, because rubber doctor knows the right cure for every complaint.

Everything for the clinic fetish

For a successful rubber treatment we have of course the appropriate accessories. If the bizarre nurse arranges an enema, our enema bag or enema plug fits perfectly. For the urethral dilatation we have different fetish toys in our offer. In addition, of course, our range also includes classic dildos and plugs for the treatment plan in the hospital white area. The Sextoys are all made of pure silicone and are produced in Germany. These products meet our high quality standards and are completely free of irritating additives and therefore anti-allergenic. Silicone toys are easy to care for and highly durable. Due to the different hardnesses everyone will find his favourite toy here - dare to try it out now!