Clinic staff

Enema Set
  • Enema set 2.5 litres                
  • Complete inlet spout
  •  Including casing tube & closure
  • 170 cm tube (compatible with our enema plugs)
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Welcome to the Bizarr Klinik

Here you will find everything for the employees of the white sector. All hospital clothing is realistically designed according to real life. In our collection we have focused on authentic clothing for the rubber clinic. From the nurse's tunic to the latex doctor's coat we offer everything for the bizarre doctor. For a successful clinic session it is essential to create a realistic atmosphere. This way the patients can completely sink into the fantasy of the clinic fetish and is ready for an extensive treatment by the rubber doctor.

Latex clothing for permanent treatment

When a bizarre nurse makes a body search of a naughty patient, it is not done gently, of course. Therefore it is important that the latex clothing is durable. For this reason we only use high quality latex from Radical Rubber. Our special gluing technique ensures that all seams are durable and zippers are firmly glued. So nothing stands in the way of a successful treatment in the Bizarr Clinic.

Accessories for the treating rubber doctor

Of course there is more to a clinic session than just a successful outfit. That is why we have expanded our latex shop with a matching assortment. We offer enema bags and klier plugs in different shapes. We have also included urethral dilators in our clinic assortment. Of course we also offer dildos and plugs. With these products we also have the highest value on quality. Our urethral dilators, plugs and dildos are made of pure silicone. They contain no irritating additives and are odourless. Different degrees of hardness and colours are available. Whoever has used silicone products once, never wants to do without them again - convince yourself and test our quality 100% made in germany!