Get ready for your stay at the Latex Clinic!

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Everything for the clinic fetish

For the passionate lovers of the white area we have designed a very own collection in our fetish shop. Authenticity was the focus of the design of the latex clothing. All cuts are based on real models from the clinic business. Starting with the surgical cap, the patient shirt and the doctor's coat, all models are realistically designed. To create the right atmosphere in a clinic session, we have adapted the colours of the clinic clothing accordingly. Of course you can choose between classic white, jade green and blue.

Patient or rubber doctor?

With our latex assortment you can fully dress yourself either as a treating doctor or as a patient in the rubber clinic. For the rubber doctor we offer a doctor's coat as well as different tunics and the matching latex pants. In combination with a latex face mask and a surgical cap, a complete clinic outfit made of pure latex is created. The perfect equipment for the treatment of patients in the rubber clinic.
If you are the patient and go for treatment at the Bizarr doctor, you can put together the right latex outfit for your stay in the clinic in our fetish shop. According to your fantasies, everything from the patient's shirt to the body for the permanent stay is available. Maybe you only want to be fixed on the treatment table in latex stockings and suspender belts and be completely at the bizarre doctor's mercy? For intensive treatments we offer patient shirts with zipper where direct access to the nipples is possible. No matter which latex clothing you choose, with our products a successful treatment and relief of your complaints is guaranteed.

Highest quality for the treatment room of the rubber clinic

Since the Bizarre Clinic also has strict treatment procedures, the clothing must be suitably robust and hard-wearing. Our latex clothing meets the highest quality standards. In order to achieve this quality we only use natural latex from England. The cutting and gluing of the single parts to a finished garment is done completely in Germany. Each piece is thus manufactured individually by hand just for you. Therefore we can consider any size from XXS to XXXXXL during the production and offer a custom-made product without extra charge. The high quality and friendly customer service has become our company philosophy. A large circle of regular customers from the professional white sector speaks for itself. Just try it out and see for yourself