Latex Services

Latex Reparatur

Latex clothing repair

In our latex studio we have already brought a lot of dead thought favorite pieces back to a new life. We repair latex clothes - even those that are not from the XalateX production. No matter how beautiful latex is, it is simply very vulnerable and even small injuries to the material can lead to major damage. Therefore it is important to have small cracks or holes in the latex repaired. We'll tell you how XalateX repairs work.


Latexkleidung Chlorieren

Chlorinated Latex

A large number of our latex clothing is also available in the chlorinated version. Behind this is a treatment of clothes that transforms the surface of the latex into a silky soft matter. The surface treatment makes dressing easier and especially when wearing several layers of latex it makes the life of every latex lover easier.


xalatex colour charts

Latex Colours

Over the years we have expanded our assortment and added your favourite colours to it. Meanwhile you will find latex clothing in bright colors, but also in stylish translucent material and of course black should not be missing. All colours have one thing in common: It is 100% natural latex from England and it is characterized by high quality and durability.



Sizes overview

Especially an outfit made of latex should fit perfectly. All sizes, which you can order in our shop, are based on the known ready-made sizes. So that our latex clothing really fits, it is worth taking a look at our measurement charts before you order the wrong size. Since we are not a mass mail order company and every XalateX garment is a custom-made item, we can even offer you custom-made clothing at no extra cost.


How to wash latexclothing

Latex clothing care

Latex is a very special material and if you want to enjoy your latex clothing for a long time, you have to take good care of the vulnerable material. This includes washing as well as the correct storage of your latex outfit. With the right latex care and a bit of attention during storage (including light protection) your new garment will be a faithful companion. Sunlight in particular is poison for natural latex.


Made-to-measure latexclothing

Made-to-measure and exclusive custom-made products

Many people do not fit into standardized clothing sizes, because every person is built differently. But especially with latex clothing the correct fitting is important. Whether skintight dress or wide latex jeans: In order to enjoy your latex clothing, it must fit exactly. Or have you been looking for a specific latex outfit for a long time? We have already created one or the other individual sexy outfit.


sex toys made in Germany

High quality sex toys made in Germany

We also offer individual sex toys "Made in Germany" in our shop. These toys are made of pure silicone and are manufactured according to your personal wishes in Germany. For your sexy dildo action you can choose dildos, plugs, cockrings, urethral toys and many other extraordinary toys in 11 colors and 4 degrees of hardness. For some toys there is also the possibility to adjust a handle or suction cup.