Dildos, Buttplugs & more - the individual high qualitay sex toy

The Sextoys from our XalateX-Shop are real Premium Dildos and Butt-Plugs from high-quality silicone and of course "Made in Germany". Each part is well designed and created with a lot of passion for pleasurable games. And just exactly like our latex clothing: Your individuality and your personal desires are in the spotlight. So you can choose between 11 colours and 4 degrees of hardness for every Sextoy that you like and we go even further: With selected toys you can individually determine the hardness of the tip.

Hard, soft, super- or ultrasoft - what's it all about?

The feeling of soft or harder material of the dildos and plugs is of course difficult to describe. Let's try it anyway: All degrees of hardness are soft, so don't get confused by the term "hard". But if you hold a dildo in supersoft in your hand, the other variant just looks "hard". The super- or ultra-soft dildos will feel much thinner in the hand (and elsewhere) than they really are. A dildo with 6cm diameter is feeling about 1cm smaller with one of the soft versions. This is because it can be squeezed together more and adapts softly and flexibly to all circumstances. The degree of hardness ultrasoft is pretty much the softest material you can imagine. It is available for larger or thicker dildos and plugs.

A final attempt to illustrate the hardness grades for sex toys - a diameter of 6.5cm can be squeezed like this:

    Soft: 4,5cm
    Supersoft: 3,5cm
    Ultrasoft: 2,7cm

Convince yourself of the degrees of hardness and the quality of the Sextoys in our fetish shop

We have a special service: For a fee of 10€ plus shipping we will send you material samples of the 4 different hard (or rather soft) materials. If you buy a dildo or butt plug in our onlineshop, the 10€ will be credited to your account.

Why silicone sex toys?

The Sextoys you find in our shop are high quality manufactured toys for long and most of all safe fun. The dildos, plugs & more are 100% made in Germany and are hypoallergenic and free of additives. No unpleasant smell or even irritating substances that spoil the joyful fun. Instead, with these silicone toys you will experience a unique feeling and long-lasting dildo fun for two or alone.

They are of high quality and really feel like it. Once you got the taste of those extra class pleasure makers, there is no going back. The design of the small and large toys is very well thought out and is constantly being improved, so that these premium silicone toys are also well accepted by those who are doubtful about dildos. Our conclusion: These unique sex toys are ready for new erotic adventures and make the perfect gift to surprise your partner.

High quality silicone toys "Made in Germany"

  • Free of additives: Our silicone dildos and butt plugs are free of plasticizers. No oil or other unpleasant substances that you don't want to have on and especially not in you. No unpleasant smells and absolutely skin-friendly & anti-allergic.
  • Easy care: You can wash the toys simply with hot water and soap. Almost all disinfectants are suitable for disinfection. BUT: Keep your hands away from aggressive cleaning agents, as they can damage your mucous membranes the next time you use them.
  • Intensive Sex Play: Silicone is velvety soft and quickly absorbs your body temperature and retains it for a while. This reduces the feeling of a foreign body to a minimum and replaces it with an intense and exciting experience.
  • Individual choice: You chose the perfect toy and choose from 11 colours, different scents and 4 different degrees of hardness. So you'll find the perfect companion for a lot of fun games and climaxes.
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