Silky Latex or chlorinated Latex

Silky Latex - chlorinated latexclothingMany of our products are also available as chlorinated versions. You can find out the price for the chlorination of an article by selecting it in the product view. Your new latex garment in Silky Latex Style takes a little longer than a "normal" piece. The delivery time will be extended by about 7 days.
Since chlorination is a refinement of the material, there are a few special features you should know. Therefore we have summarized the most important information about chlorinated latex for you in the following.

What is Silky Latex?

The latex is smoothed on the surface by a one-time treatment in an environmentally friendly process and loses its stickiness. The latex clothing treated in this way is also known as "chlorinated latex".

The main features of Silky Latex are

  • The refinement makes the wearing comfort incomparable
  • Minimal care effort
  • Dressing and undressing is very easy
  • No need to apply silicone oil and powder
  • Several layers of latex can easily slide over each other
  • The drying time of Silky Latex drops to minutes

Important tips in dealing with Silky Latex

The special treatment protects the surface. But air diffuses through the surface and can create a light oxidation underneath: then the latex becomes grey and matt. Therefore the following must be observed:
  • The latex needs inner protection by silicone oil.
  • After a few uses spread silicone oil milk on the latex. Put the latex in a garbage bag or a bucket and let it absorb.
  • You can wash the Silky Latex under the shower with a sink or a special latex detergent. You can also wash it in the washing machine at 40/50 degrees.
  • If the latex should shine more, thin silicone oil can be applied.
  • Drying: simply put the Silky Latex into the tumble dryer for 5 minutes. If you add towels or microfibre cloths, it has a polishing effect. Yellowing can be prevented by using the gentle cycle. Without a tumble dryer, drying stains are avoided by drying with a towel.
  • Storage: Silky latex garments are best stored inside out. Breathable garment bags are also very suitable in summer.
  • Always be completely dry when dressing so that the latex glides over the skin!
  • Light, oils and even deodorant also destroy Silky Latex

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