Latex trousers

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The perfect latex outfit

You're looking for latex pants for men? Then you are exactly right in our latex shop. We offer you a large selection of latex pants. From tight and sexy to wide and comfortable our assortment covers everything the lover of rubber clothing needs.

Short latex pants for men

A bestseller are our tight latex cycling shorts. The cut is based on the classic cycling shorts. The knee-length latex pants enclose your legs and provide an intensive wearing experience. You don't have to limit yourself to a latex party - just wear the pants under your normal clothes, because latex in everyday life is totally stimulating. For cyclists you can choose between a completely closed version or one with a zipper. For an extraordinary latex outfit we recommend our latex knickerbockers or bermudas. These are unique rubber pants that really not everyone has!

Latex jeans and leggings

Long pants made of latex offer a particularly comfortable feeling. A tight latex leggings is the classic representative of our trousers collection and is for real rubber fetishists. Like a latex tights the tight cut fits around your legs like a second skin. For an elegant latex outfit our elaborately made latex jeans are suitable. With its cut and real pockets it is perfect for latex parties or as streetwear. In combination with a matching latex shirt and some fancy shoes you have a super stylish outfit. With such a shiny latex outfit you will get a lot of positive feedback!

Quality rubber clothing from the Fetish Shop

Cheap latex clothing from the Far East is usually of inferior quality. Here, as almost always, the principle applies: whoever buys cheap, buys twice. In contrast, our rubber clothing is handmade in Germany - all under the highest quality standards. For the raw material we use only high quality natural latex from England. With our special gluing technique you can be sure that the seams are durable and that the zippers and buttons will do their job for a long time. As we only make our articles to order, we offer free custom-made production without extra charge. After your order in our fetish shop we will send you a size check so that you can be sure that your latex pants fit perfectly - because who is able to fit ready-made sizes, especially when it has to be skin-tight everywhere? With us you can buy latex clothes that will give you pleasure for a long time. Convince yourself of the quality and our service.