Latex Tanktops & T-Shirts

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Latex tops for men - from puristic to exclusive design

Here you will find a large selection of latex tops. Starting with the simple tank top up to the complexly worked laced top. If you are looking for latex clothing for the rubber fetish, you will find it here. All articles are made in Germany by hand and are subject to a high quality control. Here you can buy high quality latex clothing.

The Latex Shirt as a basis

The basis of every successful outfit is a latex shirt. We have a lot of tops to choose from. A tank top for example is the simplest representative in our collection. It is very suitable to put on other latex clothes. But of course you can wear latex under your normal clothes in everyday life. Of course this is also possible with our latex t-shirts and polo shirts. We also have latex tops for extravagant outfits. A laced top or a hoodie made of latex are very special pieces.

Latex clothing also for beginners

If you do not have much experience in the field of latex clothing or have never tried it before, then a top is a good choice to sniff into the rubber fetish. And once you have come into contact with this soft and very special material, you will quickly get to know its fascination. So try it, get your first piece in our latex shop and dive into the fascinating world of latex.