Latex Shirts & Longsleeves for men

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Latex shirts in Fetish Online Shop

Shirts are simply timeless classics. There are numerous variations which fit to every latex outfit. A simple longsleeve highlights your upper body sexy with a tight cut. In a short-sleeved shirt with collar in the style of a polo shirt you always cut an elegant figure. A further latex top, e.g. a jacket, rounds off the outfit. Shirts with a continuous button panel make it easy to get started. These shirts look especially good in combination with a latex jacket. No matter which latex shirt you choose, the unique latex feeling is always guaranteed.

Latex in everyday life

It is not enough for you to limit the wearing of latex clothes to the end of the working day or to the weekend? Then just wear your favourite piece under your normal clothes in everyday life. Of course latex tops with an inconspicuous cut are better suited for this. A latex longsleeve is very suitable. It covers your whole upper body and has no conspicuous collar. Experience the intensive feeling of latex on your skin in everyday life. Nobody around you will notice it - and that increases the hilarious feeling even more. Get yourself a latex shirt in our fetish online shop and give it a try!