Latex slips & pants for men

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Rubber underwear - From latex thongs to boxer shorts

Latex underwear is the easiest and most beautiful way to wear latex. In our latex shop you can choose between many different designs. From very tight to wide and comfortable we have everything in our latex shop available. But which latex underwear to buy? You want to get an overview of the latex underwear men? In the following we have summarized the different types of latex underwear for you:

Latex thong, string, string thong

Thong comes from the Brazilian and originally refers to the laterally laced bikini bottom. As the name suggests, a thong is absolutely minimalistic - and that's what makes it so sexy. With the tightly cut form of the latex underpants there is only a thin strap made of latex in the buttock cleft. The thong is ideal for wearing a sexy rubber underwear. Especially erotic is the combination with a short skirt or pants made of transparent latex. The latex thong simply has a stimulating effect - not only for the viewer.

Latex briefs, sports briefs, mini briefs

Also the name slip has its name from the English: to slip. This form of latex underpants are, as the name says, particularly slippery. The latex slip is tight-fitting and has no leg base. So the latex nestles up against your loins and provides a pleasant feeling. You can also wear this kind of latex underneath practically any kind of clothing.

Latex boxers

Boxer shorts are short underpants designed as latex underwear for men. The cut is related to the shorts that are worn in boxing. Therefore this underwear also has its name. The boxer shorts as latex underwear have a wide cut and fit loosely on the body. The length goes from the hip to about the middle of the thighs. So the latex surrounds your legs and you feel it with every step. Because these latex underpants are cut wide, they are best suited as underwear under wide latex clothing. A cozy latex boxer shorts under a bathrobe made of latex is a wonderful outfit to spend your free time comfortably. But of course you can also wear these underpants made of latex under your normal clothes.

Latex Retroshorts / Retropants / Slipboxer / Boxer Briefs

This latex underwear has a similar cut as a boxer shorts, but is not cut as wide and a little shorter. The retro shorts lie close to the skin and cover a few centimetres of the thighs. This design is very modern and stylish. If you are looking for fashionable latex underwear for men, this is the right choice. Because of the tight cut this latex underwear emphasizes your tight butt and is just sexy.

Latex pants with penis cover

There are also latex underwear for men that are not necessarily designed to be worn under clothing. Our latex pants with condom are quality goods from Fetisso. The chlorinated latex feels very comfortable and soft and also makes it easier to put on the rubber underwear. With this underwear you can feel the latex on really every square centimeter. If you are looking for penis covers individually, we offer you a large selection of different types. Just have a look at our assortment of permanent latex condoms.

Latex under clothing

The cosy feeling of latex in everyday life is something for fans of rubber fetish. For wearing latex under clothing, latex underwear is of course the best choice. Short underpants, like a latex string or panties are inconspicuous and offer a pleasurable sensation. More intensity is provided by long underpants, leggings or latex pantyhose. Also a latex bodysuit can add new tension to the grey everyday life. Just give it a try - in our fetish shop you will surely find the right latex clothing for everyday life. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, just contact us. We will realize your wishes together with you.You can find more information about custom-made latex fashion and self-designed latex clothing on our information page about custom-made products.