Wet dreams: From latex pyjamas to latex bed linen

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Latex in bed

Sleep is the little holiday of everyday life. Here our body can relax and regenerate from daily stress. What could be better than to enhance this pleasure with latex. At least we spend on average almost 6 to 9.5 hours in bed. There are different ways to live out the rubber fetish while sleeping. From pyjamas to latex bed covers you can buy latex clothes in our fetish shop, which will provide a comfortable night's sleep. So you feel even more relaxed the next morning. Of course there are also other nice things you can do to a latex bed, but the details are left to your imagination.

Latex lingerie for sweet dreams

A latex pyjama suit consists of a pair of trousers and a top. This ensures that you feel the latex feeling all over your body. Depending on your preference you can order the latex pyjamas tight or wide cut. You can comfortably slip into the two-piece pajamas in the evening and you are ready for bed. For a latex pyjama for men you can choose between a long-sleeved version or a model with short sleeves. The short sleeve version consists of a T-shirt and short latex pants. If you prefer a one-piece latex suit you can also sleep in a latex body. A latex body has the advantage that it is skin-tight and nothing can slip. So even after the wildest latex dreams you will not get up the next morning wrinkled. If you are looking for a wide cut one-piece suit, then a latex nightgown is the right choice. It wears like a wide latex cape but has long sleeves. It reaches up to the legs and provides an exciting feeling all over the body. But be warned: The sound of the flowing latex and the fascinating odor will probably give you some sleepless hours.
The Latex Bed

The Latex Bed

Sleeping in latex - Is it possible to spend the night more beautiful? Sleeping in a bed with latex bedding is like sleeping on clouds of latex. Why should you miss the feeling of latex at night? Actually the night is the best time to enjoy the latex passion. There is no longer time during the day when you can surrender to the rubber fetish without being disturbed. To prepare your bed accordingly you need a latex bedding set. As with normal bed linen it consists of several parts. A large latex bed sheet is stretched over the mattress. This creates a pleasantly shiny surface and the basis for the latex bed. The blanket and the pillow are wrapped with a latex bed cover. And there you go, the tempting bed is ready and invites you to spend a long night full of lovely dreams in it. We can only recommend it. If you haven't tried it yet, then you absolutely must try this unique experience. Order a latex bed linen set in our online shop. Of course you can also buy the matching latex clothes from us. Some dreams should not remain only dreams!
Certainly our latex bed linen is not only suitable for sleeping. In a latex bed you can also make many other beautiful things. The shiny latex and the stimulating smell inspire your fantasy - we surely don't need to give you any further suggestions. Just choose the right size for your bed in our fetish shop and turn your bedroom into a latex paradise.

A latex bathrobe for the way to the bedroom

You prefer sleeping in latex underwear or even completely naked? Then the way from the bathroom to the cozy bed is often cold and draughty. And who wants to get into bed frozen to death? A latex bathrobe is the perfect way to cover the longest distances in a protected way. Get ready for bed and slip into a comfortable bathrobe. The latex will embrace you and give you an intense feeling. Whether short or long - in our latex shop we offer you different bathrobes. If you don't find exactly the right piece of clothing or if you have other wishes, just contact us. Together with you we will realize your ideas and create your individual latex fashion.