Latex Capes and Coats

Latex cape "Yuma"
  • Cape with open front
  • Front armholes
  • collar with two press ovens
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The latex coat

A latex cape offers a very intense latex feeling, because you completely wrap yourself with this special material. Depending on the design you are almost completely surrounded by latex. The big advantage is that such a latex cape still offers a lot of freedom of movement. The arms and legs remain unrestrictedly mobile. There is a lot of room for all kinds of fantasies. Our latex shop offers a large selection of capes. Here you will find the right thing for every taste. Our claim is highest quality and best service at fair prices. Here you can buy latex clothing that will give you pleasure for a long time!

Sunken in a latex cape

For the true rubber fetishists we have developed slip-capes. These are, as the name already says, latex capes in which you can slip in completely. The prototype was developed together with a good regular customer and quickly became a real hit in our latex shop. These caps are completely closed. You can surrender to the rubber, feel and smell it. A unique feeling. If it is important to you to be able to put on the latex cape easily, then choose one which is closed in front with buttons. Just slip in, close the buttons and feel fine. The capes are equipped with arm slits to ensure a good range of motion.

Dress in a latex robe

If you are looking for a cape as latex fashion, we have two beautiful capes in our collection. Since they are open at the front, these capes are best suited to wear them over other latex clothing. With such a latex cape you can set stylish accents. The cape blows with every step and the large surface of the shiny latex attracts magically. So the latex caps round off every party outfit perfectly. The robes are very easy to put on and take off. So you stay completely flexible. For the fans of thick rubber we also offer the caps in bigger material thicknesses. Just choose the desired thickness in our latex shop when ordering. No latex wishes remain open.  

Latex fashion in everyday life

Of course all our coats and capes are completely suitable for everyday use. Due to our high quality manufacturing you can wear the latex clothing every day. This does not only apply to our capes. Tight latex clothes like leggings or a shirt you can easily wear under your normal clothes in everyday life under your normal clothes. But you don't have to limit yourself to that. If you wear them outside, you only have to consider the UV sensitivity of the latex. Otherwise the feeling of wearing latex in public is especially stimulating. Our latex cape "Paiman" for example invites you to wear it as rain cape. With its hood you are well protected against the falling water. Listen how the rain splashes on your second skin and feel the unique feeling of latex on your skin.  

Latex clothing for underneath

Under a cape you can actually wear any kind of clothes. It does not necessarily have to be latex clothing. A pair of shorts and a TShirt, or just a pair of panties - or maybe even completely naked? There are really no limits to your fantasy. With a cape you simply have so many possibilities. Browse through our fetish shop and you will surely find a piece from our rubber collection that you have never seen before. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, you can buy a latex suit from us, which is made completely according to your ideas. Together with you we will design your individual latex clothing according to your wishes.